About ODI Hampshire

ODI Hampshire is run by the team at the Southern Policy Centre. This means we specialise in bringing together expertise, experience and contacts in the world of public policy with open data experts and users.

We are a network node. Our job is to bring together communities. We host events, produce open data case studies and help promote understanding of open data in our region. While as a policy centre our region stretches from Dorset to Sussex, Southampton to Oxford, our ODI region is limited to the county of Hampshire.

ODI Hampshire will be focusing in particular on building up our network of ODI members and running open data workshops.

Our team

About the ODI

What is open data?

About the Southern Policy Centre

ODI Hampshire is run by the SPC team, a research organisation specialising in:

Above all, SPC work will always be rooted in practical policy making. We work with leaders in business, government at all levels, and the third sector to make sure our research has real impact for southern England.