Where did ODI Hampshire come from?

The ODI has been running a global network of open data nodes for almost two years, but what does ODI Hampshire bring to the table?

There are really two answers to this question.

  1. Hampshire is truly a great area for open data. We boast innovative companies like the OS, IBM and Snowflake. We are lucky to have the groundbreaking Web Sciences Institute at the University of Southampton. And individual champions have helped run exciting initiatives like Open Data Camp. So it made sense to have an organisation to bring together the open data community as well as promote the goals of the Open Data Institute.

  2. The Southern Policy Centre, the research organisation that founded ODI Hampshire, launched an open data initiative in March 2015 to further its own goals of driving forward evidence based decision making in public policy. That gets to the heart of what ODI Hampshire wants to achieve; making sure that open data is fully appreciated by the public policy community and making sure that its potential is used in tackling real world challenges.

That’s why ODI Hampshire will be focusing on:

  1. Building the open data network: not just membership for open data practitioners but for non-experts who can benefit from it too.

  2. Demonstrator projects: proving the value of open data through case studies from the region.

  3. Workshops: using our contacts in policy and our expertise in open data, we will run workshops for public organisations that start with the thorny issue that they need to tackle (the demand) and then look to the available data.

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