What are ODI Nodes: Creating a global network

The ODI Nodes are an important part of the ODI global network. The last year has seen significant growth: we have welcomed Rio, Devon, Queensland and Athens to the community; our first group of nodes have become ODI registered trainers; our community of nodes have collaborated with us to deliver global projects; and the network is starting to develop commercial products.

There are two categories of ODI Nodes:

  •   Network nodes – running meetups, holding meetings, building an individual membership network
    *   Learning nodes – running courses taught by an accredited trainer to teach local businesses and governments about how to work with open data

ODI Hampshire is a network node, and was launched in June 2015.

Starting the node network

The Open Data Institute (ODI HQ) opened in 2012 to catalyse open data culture in the UK. By 2013, they had received an overwhelming response from international organisations, many of which wanted to set up a local ODI in their own country, city or area. As a response, the ODI collaborated with this community and built the ODI Node network, focussed on creating global impact from open data.

The ODI Node network is demonstrating how open data is helping to solve problems around the world. They are the ODI local partners of choice for innovation projects and each will facilitate networking activities and learning opportunities within their local communities.

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